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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2010

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    The follow-up to Jim is another change in direction for Jamie Lidell. Compass features help from a few notable friends, and promises to be Lidell's most eclectic and raw release to date.

    The ideas started with Beck's "Record Club" project (where artists cover an entire record in one day). Also in the club: Wilco, Leslie Feist and drummer James Gadson (who has played with Quincy Jones, among others). The chemistry of the sessions led to new, original ideas and a venue change&mdash from Beck's studio to Ocean Way Studios&mdash where the group was joined by producer/keyboardist Brian Lebarton, singer Nikka Costa, and Justin Stanley. It was there that Compass started. Contributing remotely was veteran Lidell player Chilly Gonzales. Lidell only had one thing to say about his all star lineup of contributors: "You don't f*ck with them."

    Lidell wrote the entire record in a month, pointing to his life as the inspiration. "It's been an emotional couple of years," he said, "so I tapped into what I wanted to say and started writing." Expect a tour announcement soon; he'll be taking a band with him, but from what we've heard he will be traveling light.

    Compass is out 5/18 via Warp. -joe puglisi

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