SONG OF THE DAY: 'Reverse Faults' by Sampha
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Sampha released his long-awaited LP just last week and it exceeded our very high expectations. There were a few tracks that popped out immediately, and one of those tracks was "Reverse Faults."

    We've loved Sampha since day one because of something very simple: his voice. It's so delicate yet strong, smooth yet raspy, so different - really, it's unforgettable since there's nothing quite like it. When he lent his gift to other artists like SBTRKT and Solange, it worked so well because the songs he was being featured on (SBTRKT's "Hold On," Solange's "Don't Touch My Hair") were sparse in instrumentation, which allowed for his voice to shine. He was our favorite "mysterious vocalist that's on all of the good indie R&B tracks," but we were afraid that once he released his solo record, that would not be the case. Maybe he'd dip into a genre that didn't let his voice shine, maybe he'd try to overcompensate, or maybe his voice just wouldn't be satisfying enough on its own - these were all thoughts we had, but oh boy, how wrong we were.

    The instrumentation throughout the album, and especially on "Reverse Faults," was made for Sampha. Trickling synths swirl around as glitchy, minimalistic percussion crackles and disintegrates in the background. The production offers nothing but clarity, putting the vocal at the forefront, right where it belongs. Creating ANOHNI-esque, detail-oriented R&B is what he's always been doing and now he's fully embracing it. Sampha is no longer a guest vocalist, but a wise and sparkling solo artist with a knack for melodies, who has his own story to tell.

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