Sampha Pours His Heart Into Debut Album 'Process'
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek


    Sampha is an extremely talented musician who has a longstanding prevalence in the music world. His stunningly smooth vocals have appeared on tracks by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Kanye, Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Drake, and Solange Knowles. Sampha has been so busy working on other artists' songs that it's been over three years since he released his only EP Dual. Well, the wait is finally over because Sampha has blessed us with a 10-track debut album called Process and it's absolutely worth the wait.

    It's an innovative, genre-blending record of neo-soul, R&B, and electronica with Sampha's warm, honeyed vocals that'll throw you into a mesmerized state. Sampha effectuates a sonically adventurous vision on Process and fills each track with rich, authentic emotion. Process was recorded while his mother was battling cancer before her death in 2015, while his dad was taken by the same evil back in 1998. Thus, Sampha fills his debut album with his process of dealing with loss and grief and everything life throws at you.

    "No One Knows Me (Like The Piano)" is a stunning ballad and tribute to the piano in his mother's South London home. It's guided by austere keys and a slow, echoing beat and electro-soul where Sampha explains how his instrument of choice plays a huge role in his life. "Timmy's Prayer" has silky, textured vocals and it's a beautifully haunting and more versatile side of Sampha. "Kora Sings" changes the pace of the album by bringing us a mid-tempo, vigorously melodic song. "Incomplete Kisses" is the album's straight-forward track about people only reaching out when its convenient and Sampha displays his falsetto in the reflective, acoustic closer, "Why Shouldnt I Be?".

    Process is remarkable and innovative - both sonically and lyrically - and Sampha articulated the pain and grief of the last few years and created beauty with this project. Sampha found a healing catharsis through creating Process and listening to it feels like he invited us into his world for a moment.

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