Arcade Fire's Tim Kingsbury Shares New Sam Patch Track
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    Carried by a groovy and psychedelic synth line, Sam Patch, aka Arcade Fire's Tim Kingsbury, has released a new song, "Listening." With panicked and breathy vocals, it feels like it's carrying a lot of anxiety; with his refrains, "what did you say? I was listening", Kingsbury is finding it hard to listen to the world around him and is distracted by all the changes going on in his life. It's evident with lines like "By the time I looked up and saw where we were / The sentimental noises were wearing pretty thin" and "every time I look up I'm staring at the night."

    What's really interesting too is how the song starts seemingly in the middle of a riff from a previous song, as if he's rushing into it too quickly, and not actually taking the time to listen - not in a bad way though. It's unsettling in a surprising appealing way, and puts you right into the energy.

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