Throwback Thursday: LL Cool J - 'Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin)'
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2013

    • Posted by: Eric Galietti

    The 55th Annual Grammy Awards are coming up this weekend and they're being hosted (again) by LL Cool J. As much as I didn't really watch the last Grammy Awards, I can imagine LL being a pretty fun, enthusiastic host - one that I wouldn't want to mute. Thinking about muting LL, though, brought back some memories. For this Throwback Thursday, I went deep sea fishing for this gem.

    Although LL did appear as an actor in the 1999 film Deep Blue Sea, I will always appreciate the song and music video he made for it much more. On one hand, LL Cool J's "Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin)" is pretty standard as far as a late 90s hip-hop video goes. Super sexy dancers are splashed with water, the star is in tough all-black and a backwards New Era, and there's even a fly-by aerial shot of the ocean. On the other hand, this isn't your ordinary rap video.

    First of all, LL spends most of the video rapping in a big shark tank/pool wearing waders, suspended on one of those lifts they use to transport Shamu. Chillin' poolside is a small string orchestra pretending to play the one little violin lick in the beat. The rest of the time, a black-eyed LL is being blasted by off-camera horizontal geysers and rubbing his biceps. Shark-attack scenes from the movie are spliced throughout to pad up the whole thing, before it ends with LL morphing into a shark via CGI. Put that all together behind Cool J's awkwardly aggressive lines like "eat your whole fam" and "underwater storms/your blood is so warm/your life vest is off/and that turns me on" about him being "half man, half shark."

    What we're left with is a simply memorable music video that was LEAGUES ahead of Kanye and Co.'s "Monster," as far as rap-monster hybrids go. Please, for this Throwback Thursday, do youself a favor and watch the "Gotti of the deep" in "Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin)."

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