what we're looking forward to in february
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    If we could hop in the Deloreon, where would we go? Barring dinosaurs and the distant future where we change our ipods WITH OUR MINDS, let's limit ourselves to a month and talk about what we're jonesing for in the brief span of February, 2011.

    2/8: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead album release party at Littlefield, Brooklyn, NYC

    If you read the site, there's a good chance you're familiar with our upcoming event (it's tomorrow). We're pretty pumped about it. Check out some details below.

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and Baeblemusic Announce Exclusive Art Show & Performance to Celebrate the Release of the Bands Seventh Full-Length Studio Album
    With opener Takka Takka
    Tuesday February 8th, 2011
    Littlefield 622 Degraw Street. Brooklyn NY
    Doors: 8:00 / Show: 8:30
    $12 via Littlefield NYC
    Or grab 'em via Ticketfly.

    2/8: Jame's Blake's debut record

    Although I was the loudest voice of objection when Pitchfork emulsified his three 2010 EPs into a top ten best albums of the year slot, lately the blippy shizophrenia of James Blake has been infecting my brain. Those EPs are some of the most haunting electronic compositions of 2010, whether or not they actually qualify as an album in their entirety. Regardless, we're looking at an incredibly hyped debut from Blake impacting this month, and sooner rather than later. Those of you who consider yourselves web savvy have probably already heard it. If not, prepare for a haunted house of reverberated, 16-bit harmonies and synthy dirges.

    Blake is definitely an aquired taste. His songs often sound more like a few Nintendo cartridges being spun together by a pitch-shifted Thom Yorke while he repeats five word phrases. But once you find the groove, Blake's ambiance is something unlike anything else in the genre, and maybe even music in general. Snobs be damned, but this stuff is as good as they say. Give it a shot. Blake's debut is out today in the UK but he recently signed a deal with Universal Republic to release in the US tomorrow. -Joe Puglisi

    2/15: Bright Eyes - The People's Key

    Although my consumption of Bright Eyes tunes plummeted prior to the release of their 2005 album, Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, I have to admit that Oberst's return from hiatus and the release of The People's Key has made this grown man giddy like a schoolgirl. I'm sure that Im not alone in my admittance of stubborn disapproval of Obersts entrance into the limelight. But I can proudly say that Ive overcome my cynical teens, yet Im told that Ive maintained my stubbornness. But I must pay homage to he who welcomed me, into the indie world, nearly ten years ago.

    I was pleasantly reintroduced to Obersts music when he joined Yim Yames, M. Ward, and Mike Mogis to create an album as the Monsters of Folk. Armed with a matured palate for the progressive Oberst, I greatly anticipate the release of The Peoples Key on Feb. 15. Once again under the Bright Eyes name, the folk-phenom has casted Mike Mogis and Nathanial Walcott as his supporting members in the world tour. The album contains contributions from numerous Saddle Creek peers including Cursive, The Faint, and Now It's Overhead. If it doesn't receive mainstream acclaim, it won't be surprising if The People's Key gains recognition as the years best album throughout the indie music community. -Matt Howard

    2/13: Lady Gaga's new single

    There is no denying that the past three years have been a full blown Gaga-fest. Literally, blonde wigs and pantsless leotards have been exploding left, right, and backwards into our lives ever since Lady Gaga has hyptonized our senses and stolen our souls with hit after monsterous hit. The 2009 to 2010 transition in particular were completely dominated by all things Gaga. After we had thought we could take a break from dancing (albeit drunkenly) to "Pokerface", "Just Dance", "Love Game", and "Paparazzi" (to name a fair few), the lull barely lasted for a sneeze when she upgraded debut album The Fame with The Fame Monster and stole even her own show with its first single "Bad Romance".

    One thing is for sure, this 24 year old knows exactly how to capture attention. In between all of her hits and fashion acid trips that include dresses made of sirloin steak, she has been dropping hints the size of bombs on the public about what is coming next from the Haus of Gaga. At the MTV Video Music Awards (meat dress and all), she surprised viewers by introducing "Born this Way" as the title of her sophomore album and its single, and then even sang a line from the song. Over three months later, precisely as the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2011, she tweeted out the release dates of both the single and album (5/23). In the last week of January, she then released the full set of lyrics for the song. Now we only must wait until February 13th to finally hear what we have been teased with since before we knew how to whip our hair back and forth (can you imagine?).

    The pressure is on. Lady Gaga definitely has a lot of living up to do for her incredible accomplishments in commercial success and worldwide bewilderment. It is doubtful that "Born this Way" will straight-up suck, especially since it has been given a three month life until the rest of the album will come to save the day. But the growing anticipation will definitely be a factor in its reception. Either way, February 13th will be an exciting day in Gaga-land, which let's face it, we all live in. -Siobhan Fludder

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