stream: 30 seconds of new strokes single
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Some big news over the weekend came from the Amazon MP3 store. Captains of cool The Strokes let (thirty seconds of) their first single in five years out of its cage, and the internet reacted accordingly (with panic). Although Amazon learned their lesson, no good stream goes un-pirated, and removed the preview, it's already all over the 'Tube and other channels.

    It isn't a whole lot, but the snippet is a tiny taste of what's to come. "Under Cover Of Darkness" drops this week. Hear the clip below.

    While the Twitterverse was eating itself alive on this one, we're hoping the suspicious lack of chatter from official soapboxes like Pitchfork means someone has an exclusive stream of the whole deal. For now, here's an aperitif.

    UPDATE: Sony has been taking down the streams, so we put a new one up but who knows how long it will last. Quick, listen!

    Neat! Very Strokes-y. I look forward to the cripplingly fierce opinions on this and the new album, Angles, out 3/22. Hope this comes with a b-side that's more "New York City Cops" and less "Hawaii Aloha", but I'll take anything at this point. GIVE ME MORE.

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