snl: dana carvey and linkin park
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    What better way of introducing us to a new era of SNL than revisiting the past. Season 36's 14th episode opened with a nostalgic sound of the late Phil Hartman's voice welcoming us back to that dated, little, basement apartment in Aurora, Illinois. Hosted by Dana Carvey, the episode was introduced by an Oscar run-down provided by Wayne and Garth. Comedy has made some intense progressions in the last twenty years, and the duo of Carvey and Mike Myers gave the favorite skit of the 90s a 21st Century facelift. Saturday Night Live officially has a streak of good episodes. It's now two weeks running!

    Carvey followed his opening monologue with a visit of his infamous Church Lady. Apparently, Satan has infiltrated society over the past two decades, and our favorite fundamentalist has a few bones to pick with some of today's media-hyped "demons". After condemning the Kardashian trio, Church Lady arranges an exorcism for The Jersey Shore's Snooki (even atheists would agree with this effort). A surprise visit from Justin Bieber showed us the hidden vice of the evangelist, an angelic teenage boy. (Bieber also showed up in this week's Digital Short)

    Being Super Bowl XLV Eve, SNL highlighted a fear of sports fans across the country. As a bar packed with "Cheese Heads" prepares for opening kick off, they are informed that there will be a quick performance. Frontmen, of Flock of Seagulls cover band, The Fingerlings, Dana Carvey and Fred Armisen, turn off the game to "embrace" the crowd. It seems that Wisconsin has little respect for the glamorous 80s. Neon lights and male-lipstick wouldn't scare this football fan away from "two for one PBRs".

    Intertwined within Carvey's memorable skits, those whose remotes had vanished into the treacherous couch crevasses were provided with performances by musical guest, Linkin Park. Goatee and sunglass-clad, the rock/rap group performed some of their less recognizable tracks amidst a barrage of laser lights. It appears as though Chester Bennington is Bono's long-lost brother.

    Next week's episode will be hosted by British comedian, Russell Brand, with musical guest, Chris Brown. Aldous Snow may be the next victim of Brown's infamous backhand. This perfect combo gives SNL writers some heavy artillery with drugs/booze/racism/domestic violence.

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