We Are Scientists Are All Grown Up On 'One In, One Out'
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Indie-alt survivalists We Are Scientists turn 18 this year, which in terms of band years is well past being a teenager and more akin to being a geriatric. Few bands last half as long as the duo has, and even fewer are prepping for the release of their sixth studio album like We Are Scientists is. The group announced they were working on a new album just earlier this month, and today, the first single, titled "One In, One Out" has dropped.

    The group is obviously a long way from the indie-heydays in 2006 that saw them tour with the Arctic Monkeys and release their seminal hit album With Love And Squalor, but they've adapted well with the times. "One In, One Out" is much more electro-pop than indie-alt, but I wouldn't quite consider saying that they've sold their souls and street cred just yet. "One In, One Out" is much more polished, refined and certainly electronic than anything the group has done before, but it doesn't come across as a stall acquiesce to the demands of a new generation of sound. Primarily synth driven, the song still has a bit of rock dynacism, and lead vocalist Keith Murray uses enough vocal inflection to keep the whole thing from going flat.

    The new single also features a fun retro-futuristic music video to go alone with it, one that lands somewhere in between Tron, Black Mirror and 80s arcade nostalgia. It's a fun homage to nostalgia and style, and not quite as heady as past We Are Scientists' projects, as bassist Chris Cain would describe it,

    "In the past we've used our music to educate, to enlighten, to awaken people to the depth and complexity of moral concerns. This time, we really wanted to drop a fun-bomb. Something to dance or f*** to."

    We Are Scientists' sixth album, MEGAPLEX, is out April 27.

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