Find Your True Love in Time For V-Day With Sting and Shaggy's New Video
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Set against the colorful backdrop of a Jamaican town, Sting and Shaggy spend most of this new video for their single trying, and succeeding, to seduce viewers with their mystical voices and (mostly) family-friendly dance moves. The camera moves around an idyllic looking Jamaican city where people spontaneously dance, fall in love, and skin fish. Sting and Shaggy participate in all of these activities while crooning, "don't make me wait / for true love", playing guitar against a red sports car. If you pause the video at 0:48 seconds you can catch Sting wink at you, take a screenshot of it, and then make it your phone screen background, like me. The video continues with various townsfolk falling in love with each other while doing mundane activities like cutting their hair and playing chess. To quote a statement Shaggy himself came out with several weeks ago, this song is "something that hundreds of women would get pregnant to."

    Sting, previously lead singer of the hugely popular 1980s pop-rock band The Police, and Shaggy, one of the largest commercial successes in dancehall reggae music, have begun their collaboration with this lead single. It is in anticipation of their album 44/876, which is set to release on 4/20. The video sums up with lots of people at a party in a Jamaican alleyway, at which Sting and Shaggy perform and lots of people grind on each other. If you're looking to be seduced by an old English pop star and a successful reggae musician as they dance around a Jamaican town, you have found the right music video. If you are looking for literally anything besides that, I would advise running, not walking, away from your computer, now.

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