Our 8 Favorite Super Bowl LI Ads with Musicians
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    The Super Bowl is filled with so much exciting game time and impressive commercials that you have to strategically work in your pee breaks in order to get the full experience of a Super Bowl Sunday. We made sure that we did just that, so that we could pick out our favorite music-related ads and report them back to you. Here are our final favorites!

    1. Lady Gaga - Tiffany & Co.

    Lady Gaga is definitely making her comeback even stronger by teaming up with Tiffany & Co. The commercial is light, empowering, and just a tiny, sweet snippet of who Lady Gaga is. It's instantly iconic.

    2. Justin Timberlake (and Christopher Walken) - Bai

    This commercial was a personal favorite of mine. I think everyone at the party shouted, "N'SYNC, N'SYNC" as soon as the words "bai bai bai" came out of Christopher Walken's mouth. What makes this commercial so great is Walken's stone face and dramatic reading of the lyrics. Justin Timberlake's smug look back at Walken is hilarious (it's safe to assume that JT is holding back laughter), just like any other acting gig JT has done. It's a silly and fun advertisement but I think the Bai marketing team behind this commercial knew we would simply freak out over the JT/Christopher Walken combo.

    3. Snoop Dogg (and Martha Stewart) - T-Mobile

    I had a few laughs with the play on words in the ad. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart? These two might actually be a more iconic duo. They are definitely all that and a bag of... better cell service. Sorry T-mobile.

    4. Missy Elliot - Honda CR-V

    I can't think of a more motivating moment during yesterday's Super Bowl. It always relaxes me to remember that my favorite artists were once at the bottom and rose to the top. Honda did a great job reminiscing and catching our favorite star's beginnings. Our early 2000's rap star, Missy Elliot made an awesome appearance along with her own encouraging words, "If you want put out an album, put out an album." Missy's "just do it" (this isn't a Nike ad, I promise) advice is short and sweet, just like her cameo.

    5. John Legend - LIFEWTR

    John Legend's voice is enough for me to feel inspired and get out of bed. LIFEWTR paired his voice with some "looking on the brighter side" imagery that can make anyone feel whimsical. There is no frowning when John Legend is on.

    6. Lady Gaga (Again!) - Genius SB51

    Are we having a Lady Gaga overload this year? Probably not, I don't think anyone could get sick of her. Gaga advertisements can get me hooked on anything, including National Geographic. Albert Einstein sure knows how to keep a beat. I didn't know I could jam out to classical Gaga. I wonder if his signature tongue out look his staple Poker Face? I'd put my money on it.

    8. Sia - Lexus

    This is easily the best dance commercial from last night. Lexus did a great choreographing Sia's "Move Your Body," to make an artistic car commercial. I'm all for a good jam out to Sia but I don't think my moves are as good as this guy's.

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