Name Ideas For Beyonce's Babies
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    BEYONCE IS HAVING TWINS. I repeat, Beyonce is having twins!!! She made the announcement with a gorgeous, flower-covered photoshoot and instantaneously took the world by storm with the news. Naturally, fans were freaking out. One boy and one girl? Two girls or two boys? How far along is she? Will she make it to Coachella? Are these babies real or just one big conspiracy thanks to the Illuminati?

    But most importantly... What will she name them? Celebs are known for giving their kids exotic names (Bey has already solidified that as a fact with Blue Ivy) because I guess a normal name like Michelle or Michael would be way too... Basic? If they gave them a ordinary name does that mean the baby would come out with a big nose and zero star quality? We're unsure, but we know that famous or not, a baby's name is an extremely important decision - they're stuck with it for life! So the Baeble staff decided to help out Bey and Jay, and we brainstormed a couple of ideas ourselves. Sasha Fierce? Red and yellow? Adam and Eve? Wait... that would be disgusting...

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