Big Sean is Losing His Kanye Cred
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    Big Sean has been doing a lot of promotion for his new album, I Decided., which came out last week. From late night performances to radio hours; the man has done it all. He recently covered Kanye West's Graduation track, "I Wonder," on BBC's Radio 1xtra Live Lounge which is what originally got me thinking: when is Big Sean going to stop hiding behind Kanye's shadow?

    Once seen as West's protege, Big Sean has fallen into the wayside and hasn't been able to make a mark on the art as a whole. In fact, do any rap fans remember a song off his second album, Hall of Fame? In an industry that has been creating serious art from a genre once seen as anything but (Kanye West, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole), where does Big Sean truly stand?

    During his career he has demonstrated the ability to write clever one-liners, differentiate in flow, and provide a breath of fresh air in his features, but his solo work often falls flat. It's as if he loses all drive when working on his own material; his rhymes become corny, his hooks become forgettable, and ultimately, everything becomes bland. It's safe to categorize Big Sean as a radio rapper. He doesn't raise bars sonically, conceptually, or lyrically. Predictable.

    Big Sean has some of his peers covering his back, like Jay-Z and Kehlani, but this validation might not be substantial enough to sustain a career. He is not and never was a bad rapper. However, the bar was set so high for him to succeed that it undermines the achievements he has strived for. And yet, I have these expectations for him and Im waiting for them to be eventually met.

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