Wardell Love/Idleness
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Camille Fantasia

    Wardell is the sister/brother duo made up of Sasha and Theo Spielberg (yes, that playlist), a Los Angeles band with a new album Love/Idleness out on February 10th. To prep, Check out our Cool Buzz with them; when they're done recording they eat dinner with mom and dad. Even though their dad is, yep, Steven Spielberg, there's something so unpretentious and likeable about them!

    Even though their childhood wasn't typical this is a coming of age album, and that's something we can definitely all relate to. Their first song "Opossum" was organically created when Theo asked Sasha to sing over a chord progression he'd been messing around with since college. The song went on to become NPR's song of the day in late 2011.

    Since the beginning they've garnered attention, and the ease with which they've come up translates into this album, it's sunny and so fun. In "Dancing on the Freeway," Sasha sings, "dance like you're not shy," and that's just what this song makes me want to do: let my hair go wild in a convertible, and sing along at the top of my lungs.

    Check out their sweet video for "Funny Thing." The band describes the song as being "about everyday oddities, the chunk of the absurd you find in ordinary situations, during the lull in an argument or while boarding a plane to see somebody you love. We wanted the song to sound like the moment when the unexceptional suddenly becomes something more."

    A theme of nostalgia, or longing for childhood, comes across strongly throughout Love/Idleness. In the soulful title song Sasha sings, "age stuck in double digits." In "Act My Age," she sings, "let your silence smile, be alone for a while." In "Heaven's Keepers" the song opens with "say goodbye to the good times." They aren't trying to be anything they're not, and yet they're taking some chances. There's a more gritty mood on the track "Uptown Era," and the folk storytelling of "Virginia, Wait" is totally beautiful.

    These guys are making music that's fun and easy, much like we'd like to imagine their lives have been. The hardest thing this band is going to come up against is the shadow of their influential father, but as long as they stay sunny and keep making sweet music we're on their side! Watch the video for "Funny Thing" below:

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