10 Weird And Wacky Band Names That Really Exist
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Emily Daly

    A band is nothing, and can do nothing, without a name. It's how fans remember them, and sometimes, it may determine if listeners even bother to check them out. Some groups choose a name that makes them look cool, or describes their sound. These bands chose names that are memorable for other reasons:

    1. Taco Cat
    Seattle's Taco Cat has a weed sponsorship and their own ice cream flavor, which hopefully tastes nothing like cat food or tacos. According to their Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread, their bass player, Bree McKenna, came up with the moniker. They stuck with it when someone told them "Taco Cat sounds like what an eight-year-old would name their band. Or, what a Mexican food/kitten enthusiast would call their band."

    2. Diet Cig
    Does such a product actually exist? How did Diet Cig get their name? Dont read too much into it. As the New York based band has stated in interviews: "Maybe we do leave you with a desire for more without being bad for you. Maybe were the nicotine patch for the people trying to take a step away from the pretentiousness of everything. But it probably means nothing."

    3. Tanlines
    Sunbathers loathe them, but these guys chose Tanlines as their band name. And here's why:"It was sort of a joke about being white guys working in the studio all day and being pale and [the music] being really sunny sounding."

    4. Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
    Aly Spaltro's inspiration for her stage name is pretty cool: The phrase Lady Lamb The Beekeeper came to the Maine based musician in a dream.

    5. She Keeps Bees
    I guess the buzzing inspires music, because here's another insect-inspired name. This one seems like kind-of a warning: "Don't mess with that chick, bro. She Keeps Bees." The vocalist's name is Jessica Larabee, which gave the duo the idea.

    6. Freelance Whales
    The name come from an incident that happened to Freelance Whales's singer/instrumentalist Judah Dadone when he was young in Israel. While swimming on the beach, he almost drowned and after being rescued, an old man nearby referred to him in Hebrew with a phrase roughly translating to freedom whale or liberty whale.

    7. Vomitface
    Remember Taco Cat, way up at the top of the list? How cute was that, compared to Vomitface? This group chose the not-so-endearing title as "the manifestation of their collective despair at the lacklustre state of mainstream/indie music."

    8. The Lonely Biscuits
    The Lonely Biscuits were originally called Gravy And The Biscuits, after member Grady Wenrich's nickname, 'Gravy'. But, as has happened to many bands, they ran into trademark issues. So, they changed it to the weirder, attention-catching The Lonely Biscuits.

    9. Krill
    We're not really sure what the story behind Krill is. Maybe they just think the tiny crustaceans are cute? Plus, there are only so many words that haven't been taken by other musicians already.

    10. Dinowalrus
    From The Beatles to eagles and a million others, animal names have always been a go-to for bands. But what do you do when all the good species are taken? Dinowalrus simply made up their own. It sounds pretty cute, but I bet it bites.

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