Single Serving: Bleeding Rainbow Add A Little Punk To Their Funk
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Jake Saunders

    Bleeding Rainbow are about to release their follow up to last year's much-augmented release, Yeah Right. The Philadelphia garage-harmonizers have been on a steady rise recently, proceeding a shift in lineup and band name (personally I was a fan of their previous moniker, Reading Rainbow, although the band wasn't as much). "Images", the second single off the forthcoming record entitled, Interrupt, is even more beefed up with a shrieking punk-rock section that effortlessly transitions to a chorus of pleasant harmonic balance. One thing is for sure, Sarah Everton and Rob Garcia's vocals complement each other quite nicely, and have definitely transcended previous labels of cuteness or twee-pop. Keep an eye out for Interrupt, which is due out Feburary 25th off Kanine Records.

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