Sex In The Kitchen: The Best Food Innuendo In Music
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Prince's new song, "Breakfast Can Wait," is full of wonderful little quips comparing sex to food, such as, "This here early morning, I need something else on my plate/Think I want another bite of you, babe/Breakfast can wait." We don't know what's up with the chipmunk version of Prince saying "Guess who's in charge now?" (shudder), but we're digging how the slow jam really does sound like early morning sex: easygoing, dreamy, and freaky. And it reminded us of another thing: songs about sex and food have been around forever, and they've never exactly been subtle. We thought we'd take a look backward at some of our favorite sexy food songs, whether good, bad, or ridiculous.

    Bessie Smith - "My Kitchen Man"

    Even in 1929, singers were all over the culinary innuendo. This song contains gems like, "His frankfurters are oh, so sweet/How I love his sausage meat" and, "Oh, how that boy can open clams/No one else can touch my hams."

    Rosemary Clooney - Come On-A My House

    In addition to a list of all the snacks she's going to give you when you come over, this song features a kick-ass harpsichord solo that could be in a Doors song.

    Bonnie Raitt - "Blender Blues"

    "Let me be your blender, baby/I whip the freshest cream in town." In this live version of the song she now refuses to perform, Bonnie specifies all the different sauces she can make with her "blender," including mayonnaise and, ahem, waffle batter, and tells us about her personal cookbook, "1001 Ways To Make My Motor Moan."

    Tom Waits - "Ice Cream Man"

    Our favorite cane-twirling Satan continues the suggestive-blues tradition with a song about - guess what? - popsicles. "I got a cherry popsicle, right on time/A big stick, mama, that'll blow your mind."

    B-52's - "Cake"

    Part of the lush Mesopotamia EP, this song is all about spreading the icing between the layers and dripping batter, plus it contains the sage advice, "You want a better batter? Better beat it harder."

    Jesus And Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey"

    Definitely the best song about going down on a woman as far as we're concerned. "Honey-dripping beehive," anyone?

    R. Kelly - "Sex In The Kitchen"

    The sexy food song to end all sexy food songs. "Girl, I'm ready to toss your salad." Enough said.

    Goodnight Nurse - "Milkshake"

    The full potential of this infamous song was not realized until the screamo cover came out. Enjoy.

    Maroon 5 - "Kiwi"

    "Sweet kiwi/Your juices dripping down my chin." Well, subtlety was never Adam Levine's forte.

    Prince - "Breakfast Can Wait"

    And finally, Prince's new single about skipping breakfast in favor of something else. Does it measure up?

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