Out and About: Grizzy Bear in Mexico City
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Aguirre

    Last week, our friend experienced a historic occasion when catching Grizzly Bear's first ever performance in Mexico City.

    With a "We are very happy to be in Mexico after eight years of waiting," spoken in Spanish, Ed Droste marked the beginning of Grizzly Bear's presentation. A light show gave the venue a new atmosphere that complemented and synchronized with their music, opening with "Speak In Rounds."

    Before playing "Little Brother," Droste confessed that they had written this song to Mexico, dedicating it to the country and its violence.

    They played one of their longest sets, for this special occasion - 16 songs plus their two-song encore closing with a beautifully crafted acoustic version of "All We Ask."

    As the crowd was slowly leaving the venue and roadies were picking up the cables and instruments, I held on for a while until the guys came out. Ed was the first, he was so happy with so many people around him, he didn't know who to talk to, but he signed every poster and posed for every picture people asked him. When I took Chris Taylor's picture I was so close that it came out overexposed. He said he looked like a squirrel. He's an easy guy to talk to, very open. Chris Bear showed up for a few minutes very excited and a bit shy. Aaron Arntz, who is currently touring with them, was the more relaxed. Surprised by the camera, he enjoyed posing for the picture and talked to me for a while. Daniel was the last one to show up. He took a long time to come out, but I was patient, I couldn't leave without meeting him. He was talking to a roadie and Chris when I called his name and he was so nice to come down and talk to me. While his picture was developing he saw the other ones, laughed at Aaron's and liked the one I took before their encore. Before security could kick me out, I happily left the place with a huge grin on my face.

    To see more of Stephanie's photos, check out her flickr.

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