Desaparecidos and Their Vapid Brand of Activism
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Back in high school I was all about Conor Oberst's every move. As an angsty teen I was inflicted by his "post-hardcore" side project Desaparecidos and all of its anti-mall culture bitterness. On February 7th, Oberst and his posse of aspiring revolutionaries will self-release a seven-inch single of two anti-establishment ballads.

    The songs "The Left Is Right" and "Anonymous" respectively address the Occupy movement and the notorious group of hackers. Oh, and they're both boring and whiny. Maybe I've just become cynical (or wise) in my mid-twenties, but this fruitless effort of activism isn't doing it for me. Maybe if it hadn't appeared on a cash-cow site, or maybe if it wasn't an advertisement to buy the damn seven-inch. Hear for yourselves...

    We prefer our Oberst bleak with a side of tears.

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