Album Review: Leonard Cohen
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Leonard Cohen is one of the most prolific and treasured song-writers of the last 50 years, but the average listener probably knows most of his songs based on the more popular covers. The most obvious example is Jeff Buckley's take on "Hallelujah", but whether it's a more recent Cults' take on "Everybody Knows" or The Pixies re-imagining "I Can't Forget," you're more likely to associate his music with a different act rather than the genuine article himself. After filing for bankruptcy in 2005, Leonard Cohen has released his first studio album in 8 years. The appropriately titled Old Ideas finds a 77 year old Cohen looking back on his long life and contemplating death, regret, and the hazy reminiscences of the past. Leonard Cohen's songwriting is as strong as ever, and with subtle and quiet instrumentation, this long awaited album is a study in a man whose skills haven't come close to atrophying with age.

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