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    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2008

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    “The desire to make great pop, rather than curse the darkness” – it’s a motivation that must have hit like a thunderbolt revelation. For Mat Brook, it seems the times were not always as good as they sound on his Grand Archives self titled album. Brook’s first project since leaving Band of Horses, Grand Archives shares plenty in common with their mighty, guitar blazing brethren. Sing along melodies, ethereal vocals thick in multi part harmonies, steady drums that drive along the dramatics, and fully stacked guitars that ultimately win out over everything else – fans of Brook’s former band will find plenty to take stock in here. But Brook, along with band mates Curtis Hall, Ron Lewis, Jeff Montano, and Thomas Wright, also satisfied their taste for timbres of a more exotic variety throughout the recording process. The result is an album that goes rummaging through a full range of pop possibilities. Bits of brass, flugelhorn, guitar sawed with a classical bow, harmonica, pedal steel trombone, distorted ukulele, and violin - Grand Archive employed a plenty in the making of the record.

    Grand Archives’ self titled debut will be released February 19th, via Sub Pop. “Torn Blue Foam Couch” is available below. Grand Archives are also headed out on a tour surrounding the release.

    Grand Archives on Tour
    02/19/2008 - SONIC BOOM (BALLARD) - SEATTLE, Washington
    02/20/2008 - TRIPLE DOOR (1st SHOW) - SEATTLE, Washington
    02/20/2008 - TRIPLE DOOR (2nd SHOW) - SEATTLE, Washington
    02/28/2008 - INDEPENDENT - SAN FRANCISCO, California
    02/29/2008 - TROUBADOUR - LOS ANGELES, California
    03/01/2008 - CASBAH - SAN DIEGO, California
    03/02/2008 - SOLAR CULTURE GALLERY - TUCSON, Arizona
    03/04/2008 - HI-DIVE - DENVER, Colorado
    03/06/2008 - PICADOR - IOWA CITY, Iowa
    03/07/2008 - 7TH STREET ENTRY - MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
    03/08/2008 - SCHUBAS - CHICAGO, Illinois
    03/09/2008 - SLOWDOWN - OMAHA, Nebraska
    03/11/2008 - DAN’S SILVERLEAF - DENTON, Texas
    03/12/2008 - LOLA’S - FORT WORTH, Texas
    03/13/2008 - SXSW - AUSTIN, Texas
    03/14/2008 - SXSW - AUSTIN, Texas
    03/15/2008 - SXSW - AUSTIN, Texas
    03/18/2008 - RHYTHM ROOM - PHOENIX, Arizona
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    MP3: Grand Archives:: “Torn Blue Foam Couch” Grand Archives
    Grand Archives @ MySpace

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