Baeble Staffers Discuss Which Songs Exes Ruined For Them
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Ahh exes, can't live with them, can probably do fine living without them once enough time has passed. The loss of a relationship sucks, but what's more painful is the loss of all the things that come with it. You can't hit up your favorite bars or pho spots without fear of running into them, the mutual friends you shared now feel stuck in the middle of an awkward tug-of-war, and god forbid, if they're really the devil, then they took the dog with them. But one of the most overlooked losses at the end of a relationship is the loss of good music. Some songs are just indelibly tied to our exes, and no amount of time will allow us to listen to them again without reminding us of them. So here's to our exes, thanks for ruining our lives and our Spotify playlists, and taking from us the ability to listen to these songs.

    Shane Croghan

    The Cure - "Lovesong"

    More like "Bitterregretsong".

    Mitski - "Your Best American Girl"

    She's since been demoted to plain old "American Girl".

    Sufjan Stevens - "Should Have Known Better"

    And Carrie & Lowell used to be such a cheerful album for me.

    India Allouche

    Animal Collective - "Fireworks"

    Thank you, *insert ex's name here*, for ruining "Fireworks" by Animal Collective for me. I never actually listened to "Fireworks" during the relationship, but only after we had broken up. A week or so after the relationship ended, I found a miscellaneous-labeled CD in my car that my sister burned a couple years back. I can remember crying to this song for weeks until I was finally out of my sad stage and moved onto the Beyonce/Boy, Bye/angry stage of my 7 stages of breakup grief. This song will always make me tear up no matter how happy I am. I'm seriously angry that I can't enjoy it anymore.

    Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Erykah Badu - "Afro Blue"

    This song was my ex's alarm. I heard it EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Now I never have to listen to it again. Sorry, Erykah, I still love you though.

    Cherub - "Lynndenberries"

    You know when you and your ex are grossly obsessed with each other and decide to label your relationship with a song? Well, this was ours once upon a time and I cringe just thinking about it.

    Kirsten Spruch

    Oasis - "Wonderwall"

    Honestly, the guy did me a favor—I never wanted to listen to this song as much as we did. I knew he wasn't the one when he said this was his favorite song.

    Coldplay - "Don't Panic"

    I secretly love old-school Coldplay, so this is something he ruined for me. Chris Martin's voice is just too magical and sad to handle right now.

    YEBBA - "My Mind"

    This viral video made its way to the internet just a few weeks before my ex really f*cked me over. The night it ended, I went home and played this song. Over and over and over again, while sobbing. The lyrics just encapsulated my specific situation so perfectly, and I actually felt like I was losing my mind. The song is so emotionally attached to that event, that I even tried to listen to it a few months later and couldn't.

    Chris Schulz

    Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - "Good Time"

    When it came out, I was NOT having a good time. Which makes the song even worse. April is the cruelest month. Especially in college. *Flashback to me paper bagging a 40 on the porch, wearing a golden cape and a cowboy hat for Halloween (who knows), "having an okay time" while everyone else was "having a good time".

    Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend"

    However, I still watch the SNL skit once every blue moon to ease the pain.

    Elissa Fertig

    Frances and the Lights and Chance the Rapper - "May I Have This Dance"

    This song came out not too long ago and when it did my ex was obsessed with it. We must have listened to it at least 4x a day while he was visiting my hometown over winter break from school. My mother was not pleased.

    Kanye West (In general)

    I didn't like Kanye before we started dating but now I really don't like him. Probably should've known that worshiping Kanye West as an artist/god was probably a little bit of a red flag.

    Chris Deverell

    Kendrick Lamar - "HUMBLE."

    DAMN. dropped right around the time my last relationship started falling apart, so it's honestly like the soundtrack to my breakup, with "HUMBLE." being the crappy cherry on top. There's a reason I really only dig old Kendrick.

    Flight Facilities - "Crave You"

    I actually dated two women who really loved this song, so suffice it to say I can't stand it. I remember the first time the second ex put it on I stood there thinking, "ahh f**k, you can't be serious right now". In the future, if I ever get close to someone and find out this song is their jam I'm just ending things right then and there to save myself the trouble.

    Anthony Green - "Dear Child (I've Been Dying to Reach You)"

    I've waxed poetic before about how much I love Anthony Green and everything he's done, but miss me with this song. It also doesn't help that I was young and stupid at the time and didn't know how to handle a breakup so I sat around getting drunk and listening to this song on repeat thinking it would make things better. It didn't.

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