Miike Snow Can 'Feel The Weight'
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Miike Snow have premiered their latest, "I Feel The Weight," which will accompany "Genghis Khan" alongside many other songs on the group's album, iii, on March 4th. This track exhibits the length to which the group will be going on this album to take some of the synthy pop beats and sounds we may take for granted in order to capture totally different sorts of soundscapes to make for something entirely new.

    "I Feel The Weight" has an intentionally slow and smooth sound to it; it provides a bass which reverberates through all the choppiness of the synthesized vocals and beats. Drawn out and spacey, the track finds uplift in all of its disorienting strangeness. The little melodies of unintelligible vocals in the background add to the bizarre and otherworldly effect the slight yet abrupt modulation has on the ear.

    The vocals are especially interesting in the way their effect fits so perfectly into the mix. Andrew Wyatt's voice sounds synthetic yet flows organically at the same time. His breathiness reminds me of some kind of wind instrument, and the changes in pitch cause his voice to sink to lows few people experiment with in such strange ways.

    Accompanying the song was a premier video showcasing some surrealist pottery in stop-motion action, which really added to visual elements of the way the song was gutted, disembodied, and placed back together into something that simply feels surreal upon listening. This song embodies a boost in melatonin, a fun little trance, and imagery of collapsing into sleep.

    With such a novel sound on this track, listeners should be in for some surprising elements in the department of creativity when it comes to the new melancholic and spacey vibe Miike Snow has undertaken thus far. iii will very likely provide a broad pallet of music that is diverse and far-reaching.

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