The Netherlands Created the World's Deadliest Soundsystem
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    The sound system pictured above was created by the European Space Agency's Acoustic Facility in the Netherlands and it can reach above 154 decibels, which would theoretically be enough to rupture your lungs (Read the full article here). So in the death by speakers spirit, we've compiled five deadly songs worth a listen on this mega speaker.

    1. "Between Two Points" - The Glitch Mob feat Swan

    The Martyr: If in order to save the entire world you had to place yourself in a room with this giant speaker, at least you go out with an epic soundtrack.

    2.) "Intro" - The XX

    The Rapture: Surprise it's judgement day and you just got raptured whilst visiting the Acoustic Facility in the Netherlands. It's a pretty good song to get warped up into the sky listening to.

    3. "Day of the Lords" - Joy Division

    The Drug Overdose: The pressure of working in a space agency finally got you and you overdose on dope listening to a good old fashioned punk outro.

    4. "If I Had a Heart" (Fuck Buttons Remix) - Fever Ray

    The Heart Attack: Too much Dutch Rookworst lately, looks like the calories finally got to you, and this song is perfectly expresses your regret of ever having a heart to begin with.

    5. "Gamble" - TOKiMONSTA

    The Tsunami: Well, global warming and what not finally melted some ice caps in Canada and sent a giant wave over the western coast of Europe, and now you're drowning in a pool of beautiful, deathly sounds.

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