Dave Chappelle Stage Dives at Skrillex Show
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    On Monday Dave Chappelle dove into a surprise guest appearance at Skrillex's show at The Independent, and yesterday footage of his oh-so-elegant swan dive surfaced. First we see Skrillex hailing his crowd with a series of Wayne's World quoted "I'm not worthy's," but Chappelle must have taken this as a hint for all comedians to hop on stage and prove their worthiness, because immediately after we hear the music go cut and Skrillex yells "Dave, it's Dave!" Right on cue Chappelle, well done. Upon the stage dive the crowd carries him under Skrillex's orders from the stage all the way back to the bar for a shot of Jaegermeister.

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