Unknown Mortal Orchestra Releases Video, McLovin Loses Girl to Dirty Hippies
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Eric Galietti

    Doesn't it totally suck when necklace-hawking new-agers steal your main girl? One minute she's nuzzling you in your Chevy Celebrity, the next she's shacked up in some dirty, old tweaker's apartment dressed like Pajama Barbie with the rest of the face-painted Lost Girls. It's a sad situation, to which Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "So Good at Being in Trouble" is the perfect accompaniment, and you can ask Christopher Mintz-Plasse all about it. Check out McLovin try and get his runaway back in the new UMO video below. While you're at it, read our review for their brand new album II, which is out today on Jagjaguwar.

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