Jim James Regions Of Light And Sound Of God
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2013

    • Posted by: Corey Mejia

    Jim James' debut solo album, Regions Of Light And Sound Of God marks yet another progression for the prestigious musician. Jim James, also known as Yim Yames, is widely recognized as the lead vocalist/guitarist of My Morning Jacket.

    Despite the season's wintery weather, Regions warms our ears. A quivering funk bass tone, accompanied by stealthy jazz beats infused with fluctuating pop improvisations give listeners the feeling of entering a lounge. Track one includes piano, whereat the prominence of Jim James' unique inward approach stretches and grasps ears with (philosophically) innate lyrics.

    Throughout Regions of Light And Sound of God, the warmth radiates from within James' smooth, luminous voice. Essentially, the album is amiably transcendent: its accumulating source of fervent energy wallows with a quaint blend of warm and cool shades. It's surreal, intimate, and produces all the sincerity Jim James was already known for.

    Regions Of Light And Sound Of God utilizes the musical melting pot; it blends subtle breezes of hip-hop, R&B, and plenty of jazz beats and brass in an attempt to congeal genres for savoury quality. Pop is clearly embedded into a few of the tracks off this album with James' melodic singing style. At various intervals throughout the album, hints of ambient sound and harmonies attempt to enhance the quality of, but instead scribble on the skeleton of what James is trying to instill in the listener, creating ambiguity. This by no means deters listeners, but leaves us awry.

    At the end of the album, listeners have travelled through a series of feelings evoked from every song, even if the sounds were a bit muddled. Like the metaphor James used, Regions Of Light And Sound Of God successfully manipulates new technology, instead of letting the instruments do the manipulating.

    Regions Of Light And Sound Of God is out now.

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