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    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2008

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    Minneapolis has it pretty good. Sure, it’s a bit cold up there this time of the year. And well, the Vikings never can seem to seal the deal anytime they flirt with the playoffs. Oh, and then there is that matter concerning the accent…that oft-misunderstood, even more oft-caricatured accent Minnesotans seem to have going on (for the record, I do adore it). But the city can also lay claim to Ben Kyle; and Irish born songwriter who fronts one of its’ best hidden gems, Romantica. If ever you’ve grown tired of the endless supply of hyped up hipster types or maybe felt yourself long for something decidedly more…hmm…mature? Well, this band, and their ’07 stunner America may just be for you. Ryan Adams, Nick Drake, Gram Parsons, Damien Rice, Bruce Springsteen - Kyle and his band mates (Luke Jacobs, James Orvis, Jessy Greene, Tony Zaccardi) wear timeless influences, proud as hell, over the course of this collection of bluegrass, folk, rock, and hints of Spanish flourishes.

    America is available now at 2044 Records’ website. Romantica currently have some dates scheduled in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Carolinas.

    Romantica Live:
    2/9/08 - Vic’s - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2/11/08 - Barbette - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2/12/08 - Cafe Montmarte - Madison, Wisconsin
    2/15/08 - 7th St Entry - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2/16/08 - Shanes on Main - Stillwater, Minnesota
    2/18/08 - Barbette - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    2/25/08 - Barbette - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    3/7/08 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, Wisconsin
    4/4/08 - University of Minnesota - The Whole - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    4/11/08 - The Showroom at Hub-Bub - Spartanburg, South Carolina
    4/12/08 - The Tosco Music Party - Charlotte, North Carolina
    4/17/08 - The Evening Muse - Charlotte, North Carolina
    4/19/08 - Horizon Records - The Bohemian Cafe - Greenville, South Carolina
    4/19/08 - Music on Maxwell - Greenwood, South Carolina
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    MP3: Ben Kyle w/ Ryan Adams:: “The Dark” Live
    Romantica @ MySpace

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