The Pastoral Sounds of Four Tet's Past
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2013

    • Posted by: Corey Mejia

    Modern day composer, Kieran Hebden (K.H.) under the moniker Four Tet, doesn't orchestrate with only strings, woodwinds, and brass - he includes live abstract recordings of natural sounds, and manipulates sound-waves through digital and analogue equipment. Four Tet is prolific in the sense that his music has gained exposure to a wide audience: grazing through the London dance and techno scene to evoking vivid pastoral sounds and grasping the fundamentals of jazz.

    His new album is titled 0181, and grasps the more natural and atmospheric side of his music, being in my opinion, closer to his prime. His previous albums were critically acclaimed (Pause and Rounds), and his latest will inevitably receive similar attention. It was released earlier this January digitally and is available February 4th on vinyl and CD. The album is a compilation of miscellaneous tracks recorded between his emergence as Four Tet in 1997 up until 2001 - bringing back a slice of his past.

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