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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    When does indie evolve into mainstream? According to Vince Moon (Take-Away Shows) the imaginary boundary is easily and often broken. In an interview with, Moon voices his immense disgust in the "indie" phenomenon, Arcade Fire. Moon, who reputably "revolutionized" the music-video concept, has nearly given up on the Western music culture, and he blames Arcade Fire for his emigration.

    Moon states that the Arcade Fire are "not good people," and he focuses his distaste on the band leaders and management. Although it's difficult to fully comprehend his aversion without knowledge of his particular experience, his statements raise a critical question. Should a recognized indie group be condemned for their commercial success?

    It would be simple to agree with Moon's cynical approach to the music industry as we have all given our favorite bands the cold shoulder after they received MTV recognition. But the success of bands like Arcade Fire should be praised. Sure it's cooler to be "un-cool", but indie music is a cultural movement. Any progression, be it artistic or capital, furthers the powers of this movement. If I'm not mistaken, Moon played a role in this movement. His video contributions had a purpose. They were made to be seen. The bands that he collaborated with allowed his participation in order to gain recognition. After making the Take-Away series, did Moon hide the content beneath his bed? No, they were distributed to viewers everywhere.

    He had a bad experience working with the band. He claims that they have a "mainstream" state of mind. Once again it must be understood that the dispute is unknown on this side, but it's hard not to suspect that it dealt with a "capital" disagreement. Indie or mainstream, all bands are driven by the desire to be heard. So Moon has gone on a hiatus to explore the music of alternate cultures. And this could be seen as his new act of exploitation on unheard, foreign artists.

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