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    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2008

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    Adding another chapter to the continuing story of indie rock’s archaic march back in time, San Francisco’s Dodos brought their bombastic stomp to Brooklyn Saturday night for a show at Union Pool. Going into it, I’m advised on good authority that the best way to bear witness to this one is by situating ones’ self all but a few feet from the two man band. Sadly, that there was not an option, thanks in part to a tremendous double bill (Phosphorescent also played) that brought a packed past capacity kind of crowd out for the evening. Yet even while perched about half way back, the band that takes their name from the little bird that couldn’t convinced me that they, in fact, can…survive the perils of the band business for a little while. Laying down a syncopated furry of tom toms and clever rim work, drummer Logan Kroeber laid the kind of percussive foundation that probably sent the boozers outside into a dance ‘round the toasty flame a-blazing at the center of UP’s campfire ring. Then there was Meric Long, a mess of sweat and jet black hair, stirring his surprisingly hookish vocal melodies with furious strokes of run for the border slide guitar. In the end, the whole thing was a bit of a hoedown of the more inebriated variety…which is just the kind of way to spend a Saturday night in Williamsburg. – David Pitz

    The Dodos will release Visiter on Frenchkiss this March. Plenty of dates are also scheduled.

    The Dodos On Tour
    01-28 Manhattan, NY @ Mercury Lounge
    02-02 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
    02-15 San Jose, CA @ The Blank Club
    02-28 San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord/Noise Pop
    03-08 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell/Los Angeles (all ages) *
    03-09 San Diego, CA @ The Elephant Bar/San Diego *
    03-11 Juarez, Mexico @ The Line Bar *
    03-12 – 03-16 Austin, TX @ SXSW
    03-19 Ft. Worth, TX @ Lola’s
    03-22 Marfa, TX @ Ballroom
    03-23 Houston, TX @ Mink
    04-04 Annandale on Hudson, NY @ Bard College
    04-19 Bloomington, IN @ Culture Shock Festival
    04-20 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
    04-21 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive
    04-26 Coachella, CA @ Coachella Festival **

    * w/Thee OhSees
    ** - as part of Akron/Family
    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    MP3: The Dodos:: “Fools” Visiter
    The Dodos @ MySpace

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