IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff


    070 Shake ft. 070 Phi - "Sunday Night"

    I was recently turned onto 070 Shake, along with the rest of her 070 crew of New Jersey based rappers and I just cant get enough. Her flow and sense of melody, combined with her strained voice have me thinking shes the next Young Thug. "Sunday Night" is a banger and she is definitely an artist to watch in 2017.

    Maggie Rogers - "Dog Years"

    This song, as well as the music video that accompanies it give me so many feels. The way she incorporates nature sounds into her music make me feel like I'm dancing around a campfire. She also has such an incredible sense for vocal rhythm, making her sound like a combination of Lauryn Hill and Carol King.

    Julie Byrne - "Follow My Voice"

    It's hard not to melt when you listen to Julie Byrne's latest album Not Even Happiness. The acoustic guitar and synth backdrops create a wintery environment and when her voice comes in on "Follow My Voice," which opens the album, it's like a warm breeze. If you like Laura Marling, Weyes Blood, or Joni Mitchell then this is an artist worth checking out.


    Austra - "I Love You More Than You Love Yourself"

    This was a favorite from last week too, but it's still giving me chills. Even on the first line, the beautiful and chilling falsetto on "there is nothing in your soul tonight" is absolutely devastating. The beauty of this track though, is how the grimy bass synth production grounds it all, as if it's hiding the depression that it's talking about. That contrast is the whole point though, depression is never obvious, and the more I listen to this, the more layers are revealed.

    Alicia Keys - "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)"

    I've never really listened to Alicia Keys before. After listening to her track "What's Goin' On" last week, it seemed like a release for her; a celebration of all that's good. What is it she released herself from though? From listening to cuts like this though, the answer is simple: how love can drive you crazy. With the beautiful production, the un-intruding drums, and Key's soaring voice, and especially the passion and desperation that she says "I was wondering maybe, if I could make you my baby" is beautiful.

    WIFE - "Bodies"

    With this shadowy combination of glitch, ambient, and post-rock, Bodies feels like sitting on an abandoned beach at night just looking up at the stars. Definitely going to check out this guy's stuff further.


    Buffalo Springfield - "For What It's Worth"

    I feel like this song needs to be revisited often - especially right now with all that's going on in our country. "Nobody's right if everybody's wrong / Young people speakin' their minds / Gettin' so much resistance from behind." The whole world is a pretty sad place right now so it's nice to have classic, powerful songs like this.

    Kanye West - "Dark Fantasy"

    This week, I added the limited edition 3LP vinyl-set of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to our collection and was reminded how much I love this album. It's arguably Kanye West's best album of all time. This song begins with Nicki Minaj delivers a cracked fairytale rap over a chorus of angels and demons. Then, it goes into a few creative flows from Kanye into the triumphant chorus, "Can we get much higher?" Ugh, from start to finish, this song is amazing.

    Jessie Ware and Sampha - "Valentine"

    Well, Sampha's debut album has released and the awful Hallmark holiday called Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I was reminded of this song from Sampha and Jessie Ware. It's a sweet synth-heavy track as both singers sweetly harmonize their angelic voices. I could (and will) listen to Sampha all day.


    Tei Shi - "Keep Running"

    Tei Shi is back and better than ever. "Keep Running" is one of those songs I play on loop without somehow not ever getting sick of it.

    Father John Misty - "Ballad Of The Dying Man"

    I had a bunch of dreams about FJM last night (none of them were dirty, get your mind out of the gutter) and it's probably because I've been listening to this song, along with his other two Pure Comedy singles, on repeat.

    Maggie Rogers - "On + Off"

    This song's really good for the gym - those positive vibes get your heart rate up and your stress levels down.

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