Ty Segall Proves Music Videos Can Still Deeply Disturb
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Garage psych wunderkind Ty Segall released his eighth solo LP since 2008 last month, Emotional Mugger. We didn't have a chance to review the record but one of our writers had a chance to listen to the album, and he described it as the sonic equivalent of a snuff film, and if you saw the video for "Candy Sam," you probably already know what he was trying to say. Well, Segall has taken that approach to its logical conclusion with the nightmarish bordering on a masterpiece body horror exploitation short film that shares the album's title.

    Transgressive film/fiction/literature is sort of a dying breed (or if it is being done, there's not anything actually all that transgressive about it and it's secretly buttressing long-extant power structures *cough*South Park*cough*). But if anything is deserving of the label "transgressive," it's this short film. Segall tackles police brutality, drug addiction, technological anxiety, and the crumbling decay of our own mortal forms in gory, gruesome, and genuinely disturbing detail.

    This music video needs to come with every available trigger warning. It's one of this pieces of cinematic art that I'm glad I saw at 9:30 in the morning and not anywhere remotely close to my bedtime cause I'm already certain it's going to pop up in my dreams (and once you see the video, you'll understand why I don't want that to happen). It's Hellraiser filtered through lo-fi psychedelic garage filtered through Cronenberg, and it's pure nighmare fuel.

    There are bits that might seem genuinely uncomfortable at first (Segall standing there and watching as a Hispanic man is roughed up by a cop who then proceeds to drain him of all of his bodily fluids and then stores his lifeless husk in the back of his cop car) but it's intentional. Segall watches this sin, does nothing, and he spends the rest of the nearly fifteen minute short film decaying to cancerous lesions til they cover his body like he's what I imagine a zombie would look like to someone watching The Walking Dead on about ten tabs of strong acid and he succumbs to increasingly horrifying social encounters that make no sense to him, the audience, and the folks inflicting these strange visions on Segall.

    Just watch the video above and try not to have nightmares later. Good luck.

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