The Life And Times Of Left Shark Post Super Bowl
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    No one could have guessed Katy Perry's halftime show would produce 2015's fastest rising star, Left Shark. The longtime dancer for the pop mega-star successfully stole the show, creating a viral buzz on the internet and memes which have already told the story of his career since.

    Left Shark started as a mild mannered back up dancer

    Who was ready to get the Super Bowl crowd pumped during halftime

    Then he messed up his routine with Katy Perry

    But it didn't matter because soon everyone was in love with him

    And people wanted to be him...especially Snoop Dog

    Someone even got a Left Shark tattoo

    He was better at being awkward than Taylor Swift

    Hollywood took notice and gave him a starring role

    The bright lights of Hollywood were a little mush and football wasn't his sport, so Left Shark joined the NBA

    And used his movie and basketball money to become an entrepreneur

    All the attention got stressful so he took a vacation and tried to relax, but couldn't

    So he decided to become a recluse and fight crime like Batman

    Of course not everyone was happy with Left Shark

    This cat.

    Right Shark. know, for stealing the spotlight (just kidding...kinda)

    But we all knew this day would come

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