the roundup: our five favorite videos from the week that was
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    We like music videos. We like lists. We like reminiscing. The Roundup is our way of celebrating such things. This week a majority of the most intriguing videos we stumbled across were in the live arena...I don't think I have to mention we like it live as well. Check out great performances from the likes of James Blake, My Brightest Diamond, Jonsi, and The PS22 Children's Choir. We also found a rather gloomy slice of short film from Casually Sunshine, though we can't dredge up much information on that one. Perhaps it's better that way.

    James Blake - "The Wilhelm Scream" - Live at BBC Radio 1

    James Blake dropped an official video for "The Wilhelm Scream" earlier this week, but the real gem that made its' way around the web is this performance of the track. This is the first peek we've had at Blake performing live, and like the sparse, icy calm of his studio renditions, Blake and his accompaniment employ a minimal amount of instruments for maximum effect. "The Wilhelm Scream", from his highly anticipated, self-titled debut, heads for a surprisingly lofty presicipese by song's end. Count on all hairs standing at attention by the time it's through.

    Jonsi - "Go Do" - Live at the Wiltern - LA, CA

    You know Jonsi. The Sigur Ros frontman has been making a splash with his album, Go, a collection of soaring, dewey art-pop. And beyond dressing himself and his band in stringy, wing-ish garb and playing in front of projections of birds, his live set usually knows how to fly on its own without the suggestive imagery. That's probably why Dean Deblois, (director of How To Train Your Dragon) chose to helm the capturing of this performance at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

    The P.S. 22 Children's Choir - Ariel Pink's "Round and Round"

    One of the five pillars of the internet is "art elitism". Another is "painfully cute". One of the only organizations to seamlessly combine the two, time and again, are back with a new video. Staten Island's now world famous P.S. 22 have just released a gut-wrenchingly adorable cover of "Round and Round", and dare I say this version hits home a little more than Ariel Pink's fuzzed-out original, at least in the "awwwwwwwwww!" department.

    My Brightest Diamond - "We Added It Up" - Live at WNYC

    Here's a chipper blast of cheer to warm you up on this insanely snow covered afternoon (presuming you live where we live). Shara Worden - aka My Brightest Diamond - recently paired with the chamber ensemble yMusic to record a few tracks for WNYC's Studio 360. This is "We Added It Up"; a giddy nugget that finds Worden going a little goofball for the cameras.

    Casually Sunshine - "Consequences of the Kill"

    It's hard to find solid information on what exactly Casually Sunshine is. Everything around the web refers to mini-movies, short films, etc etc...but nothing refers to the artist behind this clip. Seriously, if you know, clue us in to it! What we do know is that this is a beautiful video that finds three unfortunate stories of human suffering all getting in a bit of a tangle. Directed by Oliver Goodrum.

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