dirty projectors to deliver the getty address
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 03, 2010

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    On 2/19 in New York and 2/27 in LA, odd-rockers The Dirty Projectors will play The Getty Address, an "unsettling mix of jokes, high concept and existential urgency play[ed] out over heavy sequenced beats, choirs of women and orchestral arrangements that sound as if they've been sourced from a Jodorowsky film." We're going to need a bigger "eyyyyyo wehooooo" (see: "Cannibal Resource").

    The chamber pop piece is said to be the story of a man named Don Henley who falls in love with a woman named Scajawea (because America?), featuring the 15-piece contemporary music ensemble Alarm Will Sound, conducted by Alan Pierson. Matt Marks is arranging. The performance in NY is sold out, and is taking place at Lincoln Center, as part of the American Songbook Series. In LA they will co-headline at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The Phil will be performing some works by Phillip Glass and Ravel, as chosen by Longsteth.

    So what is The Getty Address? Prepare for "a bed of free association, arcane symbology, and hermetic self-reference", whatever that means. My guess? Mrs. Dalloway, National Treasure, and the complete works of Heidegger #nerdhumor.

    This letter might clear things up:

    Nope. -joe puglisi

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