Sleigh Bells Reign Of Terror
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    The difference between "Infinity Guitars" and "True Shred Guitar" is probably the best summation of the Reign Of Terror, as opposed to 2010's Treats. "Infinity Guitars" is a loud, rambunctious, hook-filled set of pom poms brightly colored and then set on fire. "True Shred Guitar," with its faux crowd noise and polish, is overreaching and improbably boring for such a distorted mess. Sleigh Bells inadvertently fufills their own rhetoric-- whereas Treats was a welcome relief from the conventions of musical "innovation," Reign Of Terror is everything that sucked about Sleigh Bells in the first place, amplified and rolled in the mud, and then put on a pedestal, much to the chagrin of your eardrums.

    Reign Of Terror is devoid of hooks, so much so, that it begins to feel at times like a poor imitation of the band's breakout debut by copycats looking to cash in on the excitement. Even the slow, off-key ballad "End Of The Line" is a bust in comparison to the easy breeze of "Rill Rill." The single "Comeback Kid" comes close to captures the original spark but falls short, if only because we already have an album's worth of the very specific, very nuanced, very loud signature sound of Sleigh Bells. Reign Of Terror isn't anything new, and it certainly isn't anything better.

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