New Music Video: Bon Iver
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    "Holocene" proved to be the break into the mainstream for Bon Iver, a move which every lo-fi folk fan was cheering for back in 2007. The recording of For Emma, Forever Ago by frontman Justin Vernon-- almost entirely alone in a cabin in the North Carolina woods-- has become the stuff of legend. However, Vernon left some of the earnest and painfully intimate folksiness of For Emma behind for grander, more ambitious sonic territory on his sophomore effort, Bon Iver, alienating some fans. Rejoice, folk loyalists-- a new music video for Bon Iver track "Towers" has just dropped, and while "Towers" still doesn't have the same directness as earlier tracks like "Flume" or "Skinny Love," it's the closest Justin Vernon came on his self-titled to capturing the heartbreak of Emma. The video (similar to his other landscape-based vids) is a stunning stroll through the Pacific Northwest with a stunning and wrenching twist at the end. Did we mention it's stunning?

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