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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2008

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    Those pampered and primped for the glitter ball glam of Allison Goldfrapp’s last two discs (Black Cherry and Supernature) may very well arrive at her latest offering only to find the party slightly kicked. But for long-time followers of the English songstress, Seventh Tree (Mute) offers a distinct feeling that she and partner Will Gregory have come full circle. Cut from the same cloth as her 2000 debut Felt Mountain, Seventh Tree ditches Goldfrapp’s digital disco fame and eases back into the silky smooth compositions of her original solo work. But where Felt Mountain derives mood and mysticism from its’ minimalist approach, Seventh Tree throws its’ gaze in decidedly less exotic directions. The result is an album of much more classic origins. KEEP READINGDavid Pitz

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