DEATH Resurrects Live Performance
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    DEATH from Detroit has resurrected once again with a five-song performance streaming online from a Los Angeles gig they played last October. Playing in front of a packed crowd of young fans, the camerawork captured the veteran musicians basking in the vibes of the audience and matching the energy with shear enjoyment.

    Haven't heard of DEATH? Until its music resurfaced in 2009, nobody gave this band proper credit for innovating punk rock. The Detroit trio's style of playing muddy guitar chords over up-tempo snare hits dated back to 1971 when three brothers set out to make music as a family. The group couldn't overcome the obstacle of signing a recording contract without changing the band name. Opting to keep the name instead of comprising to label demands, the band's musical footprint disappeared.

    Finally being recognized for its contributions to punk, the band even played with Metallica at their Orion Music Festival last summer. A documentary detailing its history called A Band Called Death is now streaming on Netflix. Trust us, the film is well worth your viewing time, as is the concert below.

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