Time Stays, So Do The Veils
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephen Cardone

    Time stays, but The Veils haven't gone anywhere. Over the past four years since we last heard from them, many things have changed in the world, as well as the indie music universe, but that hasn't stopped these guys from diligently working away at their new material. In an age where 'bands of the moment' come and go, it's nice to find some consistency in what The Veils have teased so far concerning their upcoming album, Time Stays, We Go. The band even managed to coerce Bill Price, who has produced for The Clash and Jesus & Mary Chain, to mix the record in London. Needles to say, anticipation is pretty high.

    So what can be expected from this new album? If the new single, "Through The Deep, Dark Wood" and their Abbey Road session performance of "Out From The Valley" are any indication, The Veils have gone for a mature, musically dense approach that features horns and nontraditional production, all neatly wrapped around powerful hooks and verses. It manages to be lush and complex at the same time. Not to mention the incredibly clear production. These unique characteristics are attributable to the analog recording techniques that the band utilized when laying down the tracks.

    Also be sure to watch The Veils live at Bowery Ballroom:

    Like what you're hearing? The new album is available for pre-order here.

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