Bloc Party Goes Intimate Acoustic on KEXP
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephen Cardone

    KEXP hosted Bloc Party in their studio earlier today, and the band was kind enough to deliver some truly intimate and heartfelt versions of their own songs. This performance of "Truth" is particularly stirring and sweet because it is a noticeable departure from the uptempo studio version, which features staccato guitar bursts, along with crisp drum beats. Bloc Party opted for an acoustic rendition, lending the song the atmospheric feel that was sorely missing in the original. Versions such as this truly bring out the soul of the tune, and allow us to get closer to the emotional core. Its also worth noting that the acoustic guitar really brings out Kele Okereke's voice.

    Check out the session below:

    Here is the original studio version:

    Watch Kele live at the Baeble HQ:

    Watch the full video at

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