Now Playing: Craig Finn and G.E. Smith
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Craig Finn has been slowly creeping his way into the American collective music conscious with his band The Hold Steady-- his brilliant lyricism and knack for emotive imagery makes for evocative song fodder, and the band's Americana twang is ripe for blasting in every barroom across the plains. the jam session that inspired it, Craig's first solo effort, features the singer front and center as the heart, soul, and blood of every minute of everything song-- an unadulterated look at his poetic thoughts. So we thought it would be interesting to pair Craig with guitar legend G.E. Smith, whose expansive career playing with legendary musicians and expertise in adding musical accent to a song could pair well with the new tunes. The result was something both expected and not-- we knew Smith would provide color and emphasis, but we had no way of knowing how well this pair of musicians would compliment one another, both in song and in conversation. Watch the magic unfold, as well as the discussion in between takes.

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