celebrity round table: top 5 gaga egg tweets
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Because the most interesting performance The Oscars offered us was Gweneth Paltrow's painful excuse for being "Country Strong", we're revisiting the eccentric Grammy oeuvre with a look back at the already legendary Lady Gaga egg in a new segment we like to call 'Celebrity Round Table'. It's a tweetversation featuring some of our favorite voices, and potentially, you!

    Everyone had a comment about the utter confusion that surrounded Lady Gaga's egg-entrapped Grammy entrance. Art? Idiocy? Genius? Proof of the looming 2012 alien revolution? Whatever it meant, social media's most recent outlet of opionated humor, known as Twitter, has provided some of our favorite celebrities' thoughts on this matter. Here to discuss this latest event within one-liners of 140 characters or less, are Steve Martin, Lord Voldemort (yup), Josh Groban, All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth, and Jay Sean.

    Steve Martin:

    Apparently this vessel was more dangerous than we thought, as poor Steve here let us know with his egg dilemma.

    Alex Gaskarth:

    Then the confusion began.

    Josh Groban:

    Some were apparently more baffled than others.

    Jay Sean:

    Cee-Lo Green then decided to perform his hit song in Rainbow Brite's Thanksgiving day costume, and that damn egg mislead the Twitterverse on his actual birth origin.

    Lord Voldemort:

    Voldemort's not feeling it. Ruh roh, this cannot mean good things for Gaga and her egg's future, since total annihilation is only one step after an eye roll in Voldemort's book.

    Now some input from this week's featured guest tweet:

    HAHA. Medal of hilarity goes to this guy.

    Be sure to keep an eye on our twitter page for when we announce the next Celebrity Round Table topic! We will include a hashtag for the selected topic and invite our Baeble readers to send in tweets of their own, as we will be choosing the best one as our featured guest tweet. It could be yours!

    Oh, and we have an update from Steve Martin:

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