Wanted(s): Dead or Alive
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2007

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    The BaebleBlog is sick. We have a cold. Our head feels inflated. Luckily, we work alongside wonderful people like Amylu, Baeble's marketing guru and champion dispenser of Airborne tablets. We're feeling better already, but Amylu stepped up to the plate and wrote today's blog entry, just to be sure.


    The Wanteds are from Portland, Oregon, and they sprung a leak in my heart when I heard the first song, "Can’t Say No," on Let Go Afterglow. Tommy Harrington has a moaning, scratch pad voice that reminds me of Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs, who are one of my favorite new wave bands from the 80’s. My second favorite song is "Confess," which has a They Might Be Giants kind of melody and is pretty much as mellow as the first song. Though soft, breathy lyrics about loneliness, sadness, and lost love could get depressing, I think I would take this album on a solo train ride or while biking around the suburbs on a sunny day.

    Tommy Harrington of The Wanteds has a feature film about his last tour with footage of him and interviews with his family, ex's, old bandmates and business associates. Funny thing is that Baeble Music films live shows, but we haven’t started filming behind the scenes tour footage yet! The trailer seems to be legit, with good camera quality shots. After two years of filming, the editing is nearly finished. The first film festival the filmmakers are submitting it to will be the Longbaugh Film Festival, which takes place from March 29-April 1, 2007 in Portland, Oregon.

    Go to The Wanteds Movie to see for yourself.

    - Amylu Meneses

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