7 Songs Made To Promote Products
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    You may have noticed a bunch of crazy promotions for the email marketing platform MailChimp lately, and don't worry you're not going crazy. Things like MailShrimp and JailBlimp are all part of a new, very much real rhyme-based marketing campaign for MailChimp. But did you know that VeilHymn, Dev Hynes' new duo with Bryndon Cook of Starchild & The New Romantic, is also included in this little marketing plan? Pitchfork reported that a MailChimp press release lists VeilHymn as one of the campaign's many "strategically created executions targeting digital subculture." Stereogum adds, "Although a representative for Hynes says that he and Cook have been collaborating on music for years, he also confirms that they were asked by the company to give their project a name that rhymed with MailChimp."

    So while you thought you were enjoying VeilHymn's excellent debut single, "Hymn," you were actually listening to a song that was created exclusively for MailChimp. This is coming from who I personally think is one of the most authentic, indie artists out there right now. If I were to think of someone who'd be likely to have an entire promotion behind their song and artist name I would guess Katy Perry or The Weeknd. But Dev Hynes? And for MailChimp? What's next, Real Estate's forthcoming album is actually going to turn out to be one big ad for eBay?

    A musician writing a song purely for promo purposes is not entirely uncommon - in fact, there's a ton of them out there. Although it can be deceiving to the listeners who are just there for the music, we've gotten some pretty decent (or hilarious) songs out of these partnerships. Here are some of our favorites.

    1. RUN DMC - "My Adidas" (Adidas)

    This is actually the one that started it all - the trend of rappers referencing products in their songs. The group appeared in TV ads for Adidas, landed a $1.5 million endorsement deal, and released their own custom line of sneakers, gaining a ton of exposure that benefited both them and Adidas.

    2. Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo - "Let's Go" (Pepsi)

    "Let's Go" is an official soccer anthem for Pepsi Max in Europe and has lyrics that are very much geared towards Pepsi's mission. Brad Jakeman, Pepsi's chief creative officer, told Billboard that "live for now" was the key differentiator between Pepsi and longtime rival Coca-Cola. "They've attracted a group of consumers who've prepared more to trade off on 'tomorrow.' We're much more focused on maximizing the excitement of 'today.'"

    3. Mark Ronson ft. Katy B - "Anywhere In The World" (Coca-Cola)

    This was Coca-Cola's first Olympic jingle, which included Mark Ronson collaborating with five different Olympians to gather noises from their sport and incorporate into a pop song, this being the end result, with London singer Katy B on vocals. In addition to commercial time, it also got custom promos on NBC's coverage of the Games, a Spotify promotion from Ronson's U.S. label RCA, a national media buy on Ryan Seacrest's "American Top 40." and an installation at Coca-Cola's own Olympic pavilion.

    4. Chris Brown - "Forever" (Wrigley Doublemint)

    Having Chris Brown be the face of Wrigley was probably a good idea until he got into some big trouble for abusing his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. It was a hit for both Wrigley and Brown.

    5. Jet - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (Apple)

    Australian rock band Jet enjoyed some success prior to this commercial, but the commercial let them blow up. Apple's iconic silhouettes helped a lot of musician's careers.

    6. Matt & Kim - "Daylight" (Bacardi Mojito)

    This commercial brought Matt & Kim major commercial success, boosting them from a couple of thousand of listens to millions.

    7. Phoenix - "1901" (Cadillac SRX)

    Phoenix were a pretty big band before this, but this commercial really helped expose them to a much larger audience, and it helped a lot of people discover them.

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