Listen To The Knocks' Synth Groove 'Dancing With Myself'
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    After years of releasing remixes and honing their craft, the NYC based electronic duo The Knocks are finally ready to unload their debut album. Releasing the slow jam "Dancing With Myself" as the first single, it appears The Knocks are trying to get people moving at a difference pace than their contemporary peers.

    "Dancing With Myself" is a dark tune. The drum machines and synths fight for space in the background as layered male-female vocals lace the listener with a tale of doomed love. The lyrics are bleak, but honest revealing, "People come and go, yeah/Feels like you are so on time/And it feels like I keep on falling/Cause you are the wrong I can't right." The beat builds, but never falls into standard dance-floor chaos. With an impossibly catchy melody and masterfully produced vocals, it appears The Knocks may be onto something.

    Stream "Dancing With Myself" below and look out for the still untitled debut album later this year.

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