The Roots Announce Concept LP 'And Then You Shot Your Cousin'
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    The term 'hardest working in band in show business' may sound cliche, but the aforementioned title certainly belongs to The Roots for remaining creative with its workload. Somehow finding time in between performing on The Tonight Show, The Roots recorded a new studio album titled And Then You Shot Your Cousin expected for release later this year.

    Speaking with XXL, frontman Black Thought revealed the group's latest effort is a concept album focusing on a satirical story-line loosely based off stereotypes of hip-hop culture and culture within New York City and Philadelphia. Once again adding a narrative into the mix, the Philadelphia natives' latest material will focus on multiple characters therefore not relating to the same story-line heard on 2011's critically acclaimed undun.

    With the album nearing completion, Black Thought also expects the it to clock in between 34-37 minutes, keeping it relatively short and easy to digest like its predecessor. Listen to undun below.

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