The Jezabels The Brink
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2014

    • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

    Pop music has garnered negative implications that conjure scarring auditory images of tacky and redundant lyrics being sung by "artists" with hard plastic personas. It's relieving to say that The Jezabels, an Australian pop-rock group, are representing a fluctuation to this trend with their recently released record The Brink. With a big instrumental sound that's peppered with effortlessly sexy vocals, it's nothing but pleasantly smooth sailing with these guys; think Empire of the Sun infused with a coquettish flare.

    The Aussies have bestowed upon us a saucy sophomore album, The Brink, which picks up right where their last (Prisoner) left off. It's easy to understand why fans are often swept away by this ensemble's melodic and rhythmic sophistication and The Brink is no exception. This time around The Jezabels delivered on the soaring instrumentals we were already accustomed to and added fully realized and enigmatic vocals to the satisfying mix.

    The group's first album was filled to the brim with captivating songs like "Hurt Me" and "City Girl". The rich and compelling soundscapes that were presented in this introduction were truly transportive. The Brink is slightly less cerebral and little more indulgent...but in a way any pop lover can appreciate. The messages embedded within their lyrics may not be as profoundly moving, but they remain honest, and it's done so in a catchy package. On a simple level: They're doing what a lot of music has forgotten how to do — make us feel good.

    "Look of Love" is the track that provided a clear lens through which we can digest the album as whole. The gloomy quality of the vocals paired with the rich layers of rock instrumentation is both cohesive and satisfying. "Psychotherapy" is also a notable track on this album primarily because it greatly differs from most of their other songs; lead vocalist Hayley Mary lays down the lyrics in a tender way that's greatly supported by the oscillating loop of dreamy instrumentals. Maybe this is a little taste of what's to come from The Jezabels down the line? Who knows... but for now we're pretty satisfied.

    The Brink is out now. Get your copy here.

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