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    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2009

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    You may not be familiar with the name Kelly Pratt. You may, however, be more familiar with some of the projects he's worked with. Only some little bands that you may have heard of, like the Arcade Fire and Beirut. When I saw Beirut play live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last month, by his side, playing trumpet and singing among other things, was Kelly Pratt. At the time I didn't know him by name, but I could see that there was something special there. I could tell that he was an integral part of the band and without him the show wouldn't have been the same.

    Team B is the band that Kelly Pratt has put together in order to help him get his music recorded. The band is comprised mostly of members who also play for Beirut, but the music on their self-titled debut LP is as different from Beirut as it gets. While you could classify Beirut as world music, it would be impossible to pin a genre to Team B. Each song is markedly different from the next. The only thing that remains constant throughout the album is how eclectic it is. Just listen to the album's catchy opener "On My Mind" and then "Redd's Opus K607" and you'll know what I mean.

    If you would like to see what kind of show Team B puts on, they have a couple of dates lined up in the north east with Bishop Allen. Get on out and support the team! -Greg Lozoff

    Team B on Tour
    2 Apr - Iron Horse - Northampton, Massachusetts
    3 Apr - Middle East - Boston, Massachusetts
    4 Apr - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklny, New York
    5 Apr - Bowery Ballroom - New York, New York

    All dates with Bishop Allen

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    Team B on Myspace

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